MSE Alumni

Omar Abrahams

Company Name: Rocket Factory, Augsburg, Germany

Position: Project Manager for Propulsion Systems

My responsibilities are project management of propulsion systems engineering development, propulsion system supply chain development, project management of additive manufacturing, supply chain process development, propulsion system manufacturing logic development, material development project management, internal resource for export control, internal resource for Missile Technology Control Regime, project management of Thrust Vector Control system.

Laura Borella

Company Name: Université libre de Bruxelles

Position: Phd candidate

After my graduation I worked at DLR Bremen as Research Scientist in the system engineering department for MMX (Martian Moon eXploration) and ReFex (Reusability Flight Experiment) missions. During my employment, I was in charge of a feasibility study of a gravimeter (currently under review for a patent qualification), I was actively involved in the mock up structure test campaign for the MMX rover in the LAMA (Landing and Mobility Test) facility and the FTS (Flight Termination System) for ReFex. I have recently started my Phd in Brussels at the Microgravity Research Center on ISRU for the Moon Village with the aim to develop shields with lunar regolith for thermal protection for the rovers.

Manuel Alejandro García Gutiérrez

Company Name: German Orbital Systems, Berlin, Germany

Position: Aerospace Engineer

I am currently working on the design of a test bed in order to test the Attitude Determination and Control System of the GOS nanosatellites. I am mainly responsible for the structural design. Furthermore, I am involved in the design of different 6U satellite concepts and testing and manufacturing solar panels.

Hariharan Gunasekar

Company Name: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Stuttgart

Position: Scientific Researcher

I’m working with the group Energy systems Integration at the Institute of Engineering thermodynamics. My work is to build the Electrical Power Subsystem of an experimental satellite in collaboration with one more research institute which would be building the payload. The later part of my work would include radiation and environmental testing of the EPS and qualifying it for flight.

Connor Jonas

Company Name: EXOLAUNCH, Berlin, Germany

Position: Program Manager

My main responsibilities are launch campaign management of international customers; development, ordering, assembly, integration and test of CubeSats, microsats, and their deployment systems; creating and maintaining documentation for external and internal use; rapid prototyping of satellite components.

Akash Kaparthy

Company Name: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF, Jena, German

Position: Space Systems Engineer

Currently I’m working as systems engineer for QKDSAT mission which is first kind of Quantum key distribution satellite in Europe. Herein my role is to design the redundant robust systems and sub-systems for QKDSAT payload by taking considerations from other sub-systems engineers. In addition to it, I do design and development of engineering models, engineering qualification model and flight model for the mission. And in parallel, I’m also drafting the new missions proposals to ESA and other companies.

Valery Lavrentiev

Company Name: GFZ Potsdam, Germany

Position: Researcher

I am working in the SEVA project (Scalable explorative change detection for big Sentinel-2 data). The goal of SEVA is the development of a scalable exploration-tool that enables users to extract all land cover changes in big Sentinel-2 data and to identify all changes relevant to the user.

Nikhil More 

Company Name: Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany

Position: Mechanical Systems Engineer

I am currently working as a Mechanical Systems Engineer at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany. I am part of a team at Max Planck working on the GRAVITY+ Project. Our work involves upgrading the VTLs (Very Large Telescopes) in Chile, with further development of AO (Adaptive Optics) and Laser Guide Systems, in collaboration with ESO (European Southern Observatory) and other International Partner Institutes.

Mohammad Motazedi

Company Name: O’sol, Cannes, France

Position: Design Engineer – Space Structure and Mechanisms

Since my MSE Thesis, I have been working on development of an innovative Solar Panel Deployment Mechanism for Cubesats in collaboration with CNES. Currently, I am working on new projects dealing with development of deployable space structures using flexible solar panels in satellites whose specifications defined by major companies in the space industry. The design would be modular and scalable for various space missions also it should overcome the deficiency of on-board power. My major tasks include technical study, structural design, creative development of mechanism and mechanical/thermal analysis of subsystem.

Manuel Ortega

Company Name: beSpace GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Position: MSE education manager/ PhD student

I am currently assisting the MSE team in the administration and organization of the Master of Space Engineering (MSE) program at TU Berlin and giving the lecture of Human Spaceflight. In parallel, I pursue my Ph.D. which focuses on the development and integration of key additive manufacturing process for spacecraft manufacturing.

Tym Pakulski

Company Name: Cern, Geneva, Switzerland

Position: Researcher

Since finishing MSE I’ve been working at CERN on CO2 cooling systems for particle detectors. My work is a mix of systems engineering, thermofluid modeling, mechanical design and laboratory research, and builds directly on experience I gained during my master’s thesis. The systems engineering skills I developed on MSE to handle the space environment have also translated well to high-energy physics, where we have to guarantee reliability in a challenging thermal environment complicated by vacuum, radiation and magnetic fields.

Debdeep Roychowdhury

Company Name: Chair of Space Technology, TU Berlin, Germany

Position: Research Assistant

I have been working on the Attitude and Orbit Control subsystem of the NanoFF (Nanosatellites in Formation Flight) project at the Chair of Space Technology in TU Berlin. The project will demonstrate CubeSats with limited delta-v budget flying in pre-determined formations in Low Earth Orbit, which are useful for scientific research and Earth observation activities such as gravitational and magnetic field analysis, oceanography, glaciology, geology, terrain-modelling, land use and vegetation. This will also serve as a platform for hands-on engineering education for students and academic research..

Kendrick Solano

Company Name: German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne, Germany

Position: Flight Controller

Currently I work as a Flight Controller Engineer for the German USOC called MUSC (Microgravity User Support Center), in particular I operate from ground Biolab, an European rack for biological experiments on the ISS, mainly focused on studying the effects of microgravity on human cells, tissues and small plants. I am also involved in a side project within the department of Aerospace Medicine to study the influence of hypergravity conditions on neural activity at molecular level, using primary neurons obtained from mice embryos and subjected to different gravity levels on a human centrifuge.

Balaji Soundararajan

Company Name: Center for Space Liege (CSL), Liege, Belgium

Position: Thermal/Mechanical Engineer

I am currently working on Thermal Analysis of Extreme UV Imager payload for a Heliophysics mission at L5 Lagrange point, Topological Optimization & Metallic 3D printing of Ariane 6 Launch vehicle components and Environmental testing of JUICE Spacecraft Solar panels, EUCLID collimator and 3MI instrument for Met-Op SG A Satellite.

Alex Sullivan

Company Name: Azimut Space GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Position: Thermal and AIT Engineer

My typical duties include design of thermal subsystems for spacecraft and running thermal vacuum testing for various subsystems that range from flight hardware to R&D. A project I am currently excited to be working on is the development of materials for the nose and leading edges of hypersonic and re-entry vehicles.