In order to be enrolled for study in Germany you need valid health insurance.

Health insurance from your home country might be valid in Germany.

Usually, public health insurance policies from EU member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Macedonia are valid in Germany. Also, some private health insurances might be recognised in Germany. Please check with your insurance company at home, whether and to which extent your health insurance is valid in Germany.

Is your health insurance not valid in Germany?

  • In this case you should get insurance as soon as possible on arrival in Berlin.
  • There are two types of health insurance in Germany, compulsory and private health insurance. University students are normally insured by compulsory insurance funds at a favorable student rate. Exceptions are students who are aged 30 years old or who have been studying for more than 14 semesters. These students can either continue being insured by a statutory health insurance fund at a higher rate or change to a private insurance.
  • If you start your study and you are older than 29, you can only be insured by a private company.

Prefer to talk?

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