MSE Students’ Master Theses

Adaptive Probabilistic Exploration using RRT for Cooperative Multi-Agent Motion Planning.
Additive Manufacturing Implementation Of Helical Antennas with Compliant Mechanisms on a 1U CubeSat
A Mission Analysis Tool for Technische Universität Berlin ILR with Customization for the SALSAT Mission.
A Novel Deployment Concept for Large Solar Sail Membranes.
Analysis of Reduntant Attitude Control System Based on Picosatellite Fluid Dynamic Actuators.
Applying MBSE to optimize satellite and payload interfaces in early mission phases
Assessment of the Development of Lymphatic Endothelial Cells in Simulated Microgravity and its Viability for Lymphedema Treatment
A Trend Analysis of the Emerging New Space Sector and Market Composition.
Automation and implementation of a Model-Based Systems Engineering framework for development of a modular spacecraft
Automating detailed-design-level satellite ADCS performance simulation and analysis for conceptual design stage decisions
Characterization of Micro Plasma Thruster Plumes Using Retarding Potential Analyser and Photographic Methods.
Collision Probability Analysis of S-Net Mission Nanosatellites Deployment.
Combustion Reaction Modelling of Surrogate Synthetic Kerosene for Aerospace Applications.
Comparison of Different Power Supply Strategies for Optimized Embedded Air Coils
Concept and Simulation of an Antenna Tracking System for Sounding Rockets.
Concept Design of a Data Handling Unit for the ESA mission EnVision.
Cosmic Dust Detective: Saturn’s Dust Environment observed by the Cassini Spacecraft through its ’Grand Finale’ Orbits
Design and Development of an Injector System for Improved Atomization and Distribution of Propellants for Catalytic Decomposition
Design and manufacture of a prototype induction heating system with temperature control for sintering processes for 3d printers in space.
Design, Development of the Deployment Mechanism for the KINO Cubesat.
Design, Manufacture and Test of a Development Model of an LWIR Imaging Spectrometer for Planetary Remote Sensing Applications.
Design and Development of a Deployable Radiator for Satellite Applications.
Design and Development of a Floatsat.
Design and Development of a Telecommunication Payload for Multi-Mission Low Earth Orbit Equatorial Microsatellite.
Design and Development of an Antenna Deployment Mechanism for Cubesats Using Shape Memory Alloy
Design and development of a solar thermal energy-based system for melting metals on the Moon
Design and Development of Independent Recovery System for Sounding Rocket Experiments
Design and implementation of a modular toolset for low-cost Software-in-Loop and Hardware-in-Loop testing of satellite subsystems
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Optical Signal Sensor Device for Telescopes for Optical Satellite Data Reception and Measurements of Signal Variations.
Design and Implementation of a Payload Data Transmitter for Multi-Mission Microsatellite in Low Earth Orbit.
Design and Implementation of TUPEX Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem Using an Extended Kalman Filter for State Estimation
Design and Simulation of a Bi-Directional Reflectance Measurement Unit for the Investigation of UV to Far Infrared Spectroscopy on Planetary and Asteroidal Analogue Materials on the 0.3 to Beyond 100 Micron Wavelength Coverage at Cryogenic Temperatures Under High Vacuum Conditions.
Design, Assembly and Testing of a Low Power Narrowband Receiver for Small Satellites.
Design of a Low-Cost Reusable Launch Vehicle for Small Payloads.
Design of an Advanced Sub-Scale Research Rocket Combustor for the Investigation of High Pressure Cryogenic Combustion.
Design of an EGSE for integration testing of CubeSats
Design of a Satellite Mockup used for Docking Experiments with non-cooperative Targets on an Air Bearing Table
Design of Compliant Hold Down and Release Mechanism for Martian Moons eXploration rover.
Design of Electrical Power System Distribution Board for a 6 Unit Cubesat
Development and Analysis of a Global Approach to the Single Gimbal CMG Array Steering for Singularity Management
Development and Analysis of a Robust Attitude Determination Filter for CubeSat Application
Development and Implementation of the Robotic Arm Maneuver on a Mobile Robot Platform for Urban and Space Applications
Development and Run-In of a Test Stand for the Characterization of Bio-inspired, Microstructured Dry Adhesives for Active Debris Removal Missions
Development and simulation of satellite interference mitigation techniques.
Development and Verification of a Power Distribution Unit Controller Software for a Hybrid Navigation System.
Development of a Battery Regulator for a Modular Satellite.
Development of a Digital Table-driven Manufacturing Traveler System for Space Applications
Development of a Mass Spectrometry Apparatus for Verifying Hazardous Gas Leak Rates of the AMS-02.1 Upgrade Hardware.
Development of a Solar Charge Regulator for the Lunar Quattro Moon Rover.
Development of a Snapshotting Technique within Dream Chaser’s Software-in-the-loop Test Framework
Development of an automatic cloud coverage estimation software: comparison and evaluation of infrared and optical camera data
Development of Automatic Mass Balancing Procedures for a Three-Axis Air-Bearing for Spacecraft Simulation
Development of Camera Payload with a Baseboard to record high-resolution videos from Low Earth Orbit
Development of the SE for thermal testing of a heat accumulator
Effects of Hot Air Impingement on Carbon-Fiber Composite Material.
Effects of Simulated Microgravity and Vibration on Human Chondrocytes.
Evaluation and implementation of an auto-encoder for compression of satellite images in the ScOSA project
Evaluation and implementation of satellite Internet for connected mobility services
Experimental optimisation of lunar regolith beneficiation for the production of an ilmenite-rich feedstock
Exploring Thread Mapping Strategies for RTEMS SMP Based Real-Time Systems.
Feasibility analysis and architecture of a lunar base preparation mission using recycled aluminum
Feasibility Study of a Gravimeter for Gravity Orientation Sensing in Micro Gravity Environments at the Example of Phobos.
Feasibility Study of Human-Robot Interaction in the International Habitat of the Deep Space Gateway
GNSS Augmentation of Attitude Determination Systems for Low Earth Orbit Satellites.
GNSS-based Position and Baseline Determination and Simultaneous Clock Synchronization for Multistatic Syntethic Aperture Radar Constellations.
Ground Test Bed Development and Integrated Payload Design for Optical Rubidium Frequency References on Small Satellites.
Impact of New VGOS Stations on the Global Terrestrial Reference Frame
Impact of Reflector Deformations and Chirp Bandwidth in Tandem-L on Antenna- and Digital Beamforming Performance.
Implementation and Thermal Analysis of an upgraded Thermal Model for ASTRIS Kick Stage in Phase C.
Implementation and Verification of an Embedded Star Identification Algorithm for Star Trackers aboard Nano-Satellites
Implementation of a New Visual Analysis Recommendation System for Data from Space.
Implementation of a Temperature Feedback System for the DLR Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory.
Implementation of a Visualization Tool for Bootstrap Hypothesis testing in support of Root Cause Analysis.
Integration, Automation and Control of Microstructures for a Hybrid Selective Laser Melting - Laser Shock Peening Machine and Determination of its Suitability for Additive layer Manufacturing of Aerospace Structures.
Investigation of a position sensitive device (PSD) as possible constellation acquisition sensor for LISA.
Irradiance Prediction Algorithm using Satellite Infrared Data.
Large Scale Mapping of Seagrasses using Sentinel-2 on Google Earth Engine.
Laser structuring of metal surfaces to enhance
thermal emissivity for space applications.
Mechanical and Thermal Design of a Modular Deployable Generator to Build a Lunar Power Infrastructure.
Modeling and analysis of Propellant Sloshing in RapidEye Spacecraft Systems.
Modelling of LASER Satellite Communication Networks
Monitoring Natural Hazard for Railway Network Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data.
Object Detection in Satellite Images using Artificial Intelligence.
Optical Characterization of Laser Induced Helium Plasmas.
Optimisation of a Simulation Framework for Space Debris Observations.
Optimization of Containment Cages around Electromagnetic Motors in Picosatellite Fluid-Dynamic Actuators
Orbit Control and Attitude Determination of a Nanosatellite with a Vacuum Arc Thruster.
Orbit Optimization for LEO Constellations.
Plasma Diagnostics E x B Probe Design for Hall Effect Thrusters.
Propellant Supply and Propellant Management Systems for a Scaled Spaceplane Demonstrator
Propulsion Architecture Design and Analysis of the Upper Stage for Small Launcher 1
Quality assessment of Earth Orientation Parameters determined from state-of-art VLBI observations (A study during CONT17 campaign)
Research study on Single Event Latchup (SEL) on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Parts
Robust Attitude Control Synthesis for Cubesats with Novel Hybrid Actuation
Small Mass Instruments for Planetary Missions: Energy Optimization of System-on-Chip.
SNSPD Analysis at Telecom Wavelengths and
Strategy for a University Lunar Small Satellite Mission and Preliminary System Architecture.
Study and analysis of performance enhancement techniques for small satellite patch antenna
Suitability of millimeter wave radar for close range CubeSat rendezvous operations
System Design for The Production of On-orbit Additive Manufacturing Feedstock Utilizing Space Debris
Technical Design of a Compact Heat Exchanger for the use in a Hybrid Rocket Engine Cycle
The implementation of a command and data storage interface for the FPGA signal processing chain onboard the nanosatellite SALSAT
Trajectory Optimization of the Jupiter Icy moons Explorer (JUICE) spacecraft in order to reach the highest sensitivity to the tidal deformation measurement by the Ganymede Laser Altimeter (GALA)
UAV Payload System Design for Autonomous Remote Sensing and Fusion with Satellite Data.