MSE Students’ Master Theses

Combustion Reaction Modelling of Surrogate Synthetic Kerosene for Aerospace Applications.
Design of an Advanced Sub-Scale Research Rocket Combustor for the Investigation of High Pressure Cryogenic Combustion.
Development of a Battery Regulator for a Modular Satellite.
Development of a Solar Charge Regulator for the Lunar Quattro Moon Rover.
GNSS Augmentation of Attitude Determination Systems for Low Earth Orbit Satellites.
Impact of Reflector Deformations and Chirp Bandwidth in Tandem-L on Antenna- and Digital Beamforming Performance.
Implementation of a New Visual Analysis Recommendation System for Data from Space.
Implementation of a Temperature Feedback System for the DLR Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory.
Nanosatellite Formation Control Using Atmospheric Drag.
Optical Characterization of Laser Induced Helium Plasmas.