MSE Students’ Master Theses

Autonomous Rover for Space and Terrestrial Applications.
Collision Probability Analysis of S-Net Mission Nanosatellites Deployment.
Combustion Reaction Modelling of Surrogate Synthetic Kerosene for Aerospace Applications.
Concept and Simulation of an Antenna Tracking System for Sounding Rockets.
Design and Development of a Deployable Radiator for Satellite Applications.
Design and Implementation a Payload Data Transmitter for Multi-Mission Microsatellite in Low Earth Orbit.
Design and Development of a Telecommunication Payload for Multi-Mission Low Earth Orbit Equatorial Microsatellite.
Design and Simulation of a Bi-Directional Reflectance Measurement Unit for the Investigation of UV to Far Infrared Spectroscopy on Planetary and Asteroidal Analogue Materials on the 0.3 to Beyond 100 Micron Wavelength Coverage at Cryogenic Temperatures Under High Vacuum Conditions.
Design of an Advanced Sub-Scale Research Rocket Combustor for the Investigation of High Pressure Cryogenic Combustion.
Development and Verification of a Power Distribution Unit Controller Software for a Hybrid Navigation System.
Development of a Battery Regulator for a Modular Satellite.
Development of a Mass Spectrometry Apparatus for Verifying Hazardous Gas Leak Rates of the AMS-02.1 Upgrade Hardware.
Development of a Solar Charge Regulator for the Lunar Quattro Moon Rover.
Effects of Simulated Microgravity and Vibration on Human Chondrocytes.
GNSS Augmentation of Attitude Determination Systems for Low Earth Orbit Satellites.
Impact of Reflector Deformations and Chirp Bandwidth in Tandem-L on Antenna- and Digital Beamforming Performance.
Implementation of a New Visual Analysis Recommendation System for Data from Space.
Implementation of a Temperature Feedback System for the DLR Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory.
Integration, Automation and Control of Microstructures for a Hybrid Selective Laser Melting - Laser Shock Peening Machine and Determination of its Suitability for Additive layer Manufacturing of Aerospace Structures.
Investigation of a position sensitive device (PSD) as possible constellation acquisition sensor for LISA.
Large Scale Mapping of Seagrasses using Sentinel-2 on Google Earth Engine.
Mechanical and Thermal Design of a Modular Deployable Generator to Build a Lunar Power Infrastructure.
Modeling and analysis of Propellant Sloshing in RapidEye Spacecraft Systems.
Object Detection in Satellite Images using Artificial Intelligence.
Optical Characterization of Laser Induced Helium Plasmas.
Optimisation of a Simulation Framework for Space Debris Observations.
Orbit Control and Attitude Determination of a Nanosatellite with a Vacuum Arc Thruster.
Plasma Diagnostics E x B Probe Design for Hall Effect Thrusters.